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  • Jun 04, 2015

Get Plants Growing Faster, Stronger

WinField brings you research-based solutions to help you better manage plant germination, improve establishment and the long term health of your plants. Gravity® SL PGS helps new seed, sod or cuttings establish faster while Gravity® L AMP provides your plants with the nutrients they need to sustain long term growth. For ornamental growers, this leads to faster crop turns and less weed pressure.
“WinField brings me researched based solutions while providing premium products for my business,” says Wally Owens, Three Volcanoes Farm. “As an ornamental grower, applications of Gravity AMP and Gravity PGS have led to improved plant health and faster crop turns. Therefore, maximizing Three Volcanoes’ profits in a commodity business.”
In a recent trial, the loropetalum (image above) shows results from one tank mix application after 16 weeks. The outcome of the trail showed five nodes greater plant flush than the control.
10fl oz/100 gallons or 6 fl oz/acre
  • Promotes cell division and leaf expansion while slowing leaf ageing with Cytokinin
  • Stimulates cell division with Gibberellic acids
  • Promotes vigorous root formation and development with Indolebutyric acid
  • Labeled for ornamental and turf uses
32oz/100 gallons or 2-4 quarts/acres
  • Promotes cell division and development of new tissue with Phosphorous
  • Provides supplemental nutrition to sustain continued growth to the plant through Nitrogen and Potassium
  • Promotes additional plant development through a natural source of plant hormones, amino acids and vitamins from seaweed extract
  • Ideal for applications over seed, seedlings, sod in order to aid establishment and healthy growth
  • Labeled for ornamental and turf uses
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