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  • Feb 14, 2017

GeoTech Insight Platform Demo Coming Soon!

GeoTech™ Insight Platform Live Demonstration
When: February 21 at noon, central

To access the GeoTech live demonstration, please download the “WebEx” application in your Apple or Android app store on your phone or tablet. If you will be using a Mac or PC, please visit https://www.webex.com and click “Join” at the top right and enter the meeting number (below).
Link to join demo: https://landolakes.webex.com/landolakes/j.php?MTID=m617b21e0af8d71dfed568dfc2cbce72c
Join by phone: 1-650-479-3208
Meeting Number (access code): 591 949 937

A Closer Look at the GeoTechInsight Platform
By using proprietary algorithms to analyze aerial and satellite imagery, the GeoTech insight platform generates easy-to-understand site maps and delivers insights that will enable you to better utilize labor resources, manage input costs, save time and help increase sustainability on your grounds. The platform can be accessed via tablet, smartphone or desktop computer – all you need is a web connection.
Let’s take a closer look at the strengths of the GeoTech insight platform and how it is designed to help you achieve better results when managing your course’s plant health, all while helping to improve efficiency and manage costs.
Generate plant health assessment of your entire course
The GeoTech insight platform analyzes satellite imagery and ultra high-resolution (UHR) imagery taken by airplanes and drones to create user-friendly, color-coded maps that show the variances in plant health throughout your grounds. This information can help you detect ways to improve your management plan and bring out the best in each site.
Map layers available through the GeoTech insight platform include:
  • General Site Map: Defines the site being analyzed.
  • Plant Health Assessment: A proprietary algorithm designates Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) measurements for specified dates, showing variances and differences in plant health.
  • Management Zones Map: Categorizes treatment areas based on plant health data and user input, which can be loaded into GPS sprayers to apply inputs at variable rates.
  • Manual layers: Site-specific soil samples, tissue samples and irrigation levels can be uploaded to overlay data.


Current imagery is available with a service subscription, which typically provides new data every two weeks or so, provided there isn’t cloud cover. UHR imagery zooms all the way down to 5 square centimeters, compared to the 1 square meter detail that traditional satellite imagery illustrates. Comparing this current imagery against historical imagery can help you validate your management practices and monitor changes over time.
Scout your grounds with accuracy
Scouting is traditionally a very labor-intensive task, but the GeoTech insight platform streamlines the process by providing you with an easy to use dashboard to identify, record and track problems. Instead of aimlessly wandering a course to look for potential plant health problems, NDVI analysis of imagery pinpoints areas of concern. This helps you map out a more direct scouting route that focuses on potential trouble spots and bypasses the areas that are already lush and green.
Another important addition the GeoTech insight platform brings to the scouting process is centralized record-keeping. Gone are the days when notes are scribbled into notebooks or scraps of paper. Using your mobile device, you can now document your observations and photos by uploading them to the GeoTech insight platform while on the course, eliminating the chance of misplacing this information before you return to your office. Once uploaded, you can geo-tag the data and make it instantly accessible to your core group of decision makers, reducing the potential for human error by improving communication and keeping everyone in the know.
Help Improve your course’s sustainability with variable rate treatments
After scouting the course and identifying the culprit behind trouble spots, you can use all the information collected to help create management zones on the GeoTech insight platform that are based upon plant health levels. Then you can prescribe custom-tailored variable rate solutions to correct those issues.
Integrating variable rate applications into your course management plan can go a long way in helping to optimize performance, manage costs and improve sustainability, because you’re ensuring that inputs like plant nutrition products, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators (PGRs) and even water are applied only where they’re needed. In fact, a customer who gave the GeoTech insight platform a trial run in 2016 realized a 15 percent cost savings* by utilizing the efficiency of a GPS sprayer to automatically deliver precise, pre-determined amounts of product to each target area.
* This customer’s cost savings is only one individual’s experience with Winfield Solutions’ products and may not be a representation of actual results than can be guaranteed. Because of factors outside of Winfield Solutions control such as weather, soil, planting and product application; individual results to be obtained, including but not limited to: financial performance, profits, losses and yields cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Winfield Solutions.

A GeoTech insight platform demonstration is coming on February 21 at noon!

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