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  • Nov 15, 2023

Flipping the Fungicide Script to Send Crop Disease Packing

When it comes to fungicide applications, maximizing disease control is essential for a successful harvest. In the vast expanse of the Canadian prairies, where tradition meets innovation, our agronomy nerds were busy conjuring fungicide magic in the summer of 2023. A dynamic collaboration between WinField® United Canada and Bayer Crop Science brought forth the Hold On To Your Yield Fungicide Trial— an opportunity for independent ag retailers to team up with their farmers, exploring cutting-edge digital farming technology and elevating their fungicide game.

The Special Sauce and Digital Scripting:
Across 14 locations on the prairies, farmers harnessed the power of MasterLock® paired with Holdfast® fungicide, along with Climate FieldView™ for prescription writing and data collection. They embarked on a mission to redefine excellence in fungicide applications.

Specially designed to elevate pesticide performance to new heights, MasterLock adjuvant is a non-ionic surfactant (NIS) armed with DropTight™ surfactant technology and the proven drift control of InterLock®. Enhancing adhesion, reducing bounce, and increasing canopy penetration, MasterLock ensured the precise delivery of active ingredients.

In the world of agriculture, where every farm is a unique fingerprint, FieldView emerges as your digital wingman—providing better data for better decisions and bigger wins. Thanks to FieldView's user-friendly platform, documenting rates and treatment locations became a breeze. One trial participant shared, “It only took a short time to ground-proof and create the Climate FieldView prescription. It was simple to implement the prescription and it worked well. We had zero complaints.”

Two Treatments, One Goal:
Participants utilized the straightforward power of the FieldView crop protection scripting tool to compare two treatments:
  • Holdfast without Adjuvant (Treatment 1): Going au naturel, treating a small block or randomized strips through the field with Holdfast and no adjuvant.
  • Holdfast + MasterLock (Treatment 2): Cranking up the volume by adding MasterLock to the tank for the rest of the field.
Getting to the Goods:
The trial results speak for the effectiveness of using data and MasterLock adjuvant to get the most from your fungicide application. Seventy-nine percent of sites showed positive yield results when using Holdfast + MasterLock tracked in the FieldView platform. Canola saw a two bushel per acre increase in yield compared to the acres without MasterLock and a four bushel per acre increase in barley.

 “When spraying with MasterLock, there was a noticeable reduction in water droplets being pushed by the wind. It seemed to reach the canopy more uniformly and penetrate it,” said one of the trial participants. “Mixing was simple and stress-free. I only wish I’d used MasterLock on every acre of the field.”

The Hold On To Your Yield Fungicide Trial isn't your grandpa's farming story; it's the cutting-edge saga of agriculture. Make sure you get the most from your fungicide application next year by using MasterLock and Climate FieldView. Find a local independent retailer for more information.

Featuring: Colin Cameron, Market Development Manager (Alberta) – WinField United Canada.