• Agriculture Technology
  • May 03, 2018

Fire Up the Silo!

Are you helping farmers make sense of all the information they are accumulating from their fields? Answer Tech Data Silo™ provides a secure way to easily store farmer data and synchronize it across the suite of ag technology tools you use with your customers.  
Data Silo delivers
Available only through retail locations, Data Silo is a cloud-based data-management system that can be used simply for secure data storage. However, it can also be used in concert with other tech tools to leverage all of a farmer’s on-farm information, allowing you to help them take their operations to the next level.
Data Silo allows you to move data from one system to the next without having to manage multiple entries. This gives you the opportunity to have a consistent database across all connected platforms and edit recommendations while meeting with customers without the worry of editing in other systems. As a result, you’re more efficient with the time you spend with farmers.
Getting started with Data Silo
Data Silo leverages connectivity, provides one source of truth for geospatial information and enables tools to work successfully with each other. Here are some steps to help you get started off right and ensure you have a successful experience.
  1. Start with clean information. Take the time to clean your data sets to start fresh with the most accurate information. You should only have to enter information once during the set-up process, returning only to make quick revisions as situations (such as field boundaries) change.
  2. Have the latest and most accurate customer information. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses and other contact information.
  3. Confirm that your systems are up-to-date. Be sure the latest updates are installed to help eliminate roadblocks and make the process faster.
  4. Test the system with a group of your most loyal customers. Make sure the system is working properly with select farmers, then roll it out to the larger population. Verify with members of your small customer group that they are comfortable being part of the pilot phase.
  5. Ensure each customer group is successfully on-boarded. After a farmer is registered to Answer Tech Data Silo, you can begin syncing their information. This enables all the tools you as a retailer are using to communicate with each other without duplicating efforts.
Working with the tool requires time to walk through these steps carefully; however, the amount of quality data it provides is worth it. We want to understand the needs of your retail location clearly, so we can match the capabilities of Data Silo™ to your business practices, and ensure that data is clean and working smoothly for you and your customers.
For more information on implementing Data Silo in your retail location, contact your WinField United technology manager.

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