Find the Right Tech Tool to Manage In-Season Challenges

Close up of weed in a row of early emerging soybeans
Every season brings a new set of challenges, and finding the right tech tool for the challenge you’re facing enables you to make more profitable decisions. Here are some practical on-farm situations where I’ve seen the value of tech tools proven.

Improve in-season scouting efficiency with technology

This year, cold, wet conditions have delayed planting in many areas. If you’re still waiting to get into fields, it’s a good time to start scouting for early-season weed pressure. The R7® Field Monitoring Tool can help identify weeds by comparing biomass measurements across your fields. If the tool indicates that your fields are greening up before you put seed into the ground, it’s probably worth scouting to plan a timely preemergence herbicide application. Adding tech tools to help with early-season scouting can help focus efforts and improve efficiency when your time is limited.

Use tech to effectively manage in-season nutrient levels

If you’ve applied preplant nitrogen and conditions have been wet, a crop modeling tool such as the R7 Field Forecasting Tool can help you determine how much nitrogen is left in the soil. The Field Forecasting Tool takes into account planting date and current and forecasted weather conditions to provide an estimate of how much nitrogen you may need to supplement to meet your yield goals. The tool’s recommendations update daily based on field conditions to best reflect your crop’s yield potential. For example, these recommendations can help you identify when nitrogen levels are sufficient, and you can cut down on fertilizer costs by managing nutrients more effectively.

Proactively detect disease pressure with tech

As the season progresses, the Field Monitoring Tool can be a great disease scouting partner. The tool uses satellite imagery to measure biomass in fields, which is an indicator of plant health. The tool shows a bird’s-eye view of your fields and it can pick up disease pressure before you see symptoms. In cornfields, we’ve noticed reduced crop vigor levels on the tool just before northern corn leaf blight or southern rust were spotted, which could indicate that further investigation is needed in the field to prompt appropriate action.

Track field activities with ease

Technology tools can help you prepare for and manage in-season challenges, but they are limited by the data you give them. That means reliable record-keeping is crucial to get the most from the Field Monitoring Tool and the Field Forecasting Tool. Products such as Climate FieldView are an excellent option for keeping track of field activities, including planting dates, spray applications and varieties planted. All the information is easily accessible and feeds into the R7 Tool to help you make more informed management decisions.
For more information about how tech tools can help manage in-season challenges, talk with your locally owned and operated WinField United retailer.
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