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  • Dec 30, 2015

Enhancing Coverage and Penetration with Backpack Misting

Oher than bedbug work, no other segment within pest control grew in 2015 like back pack misting for mosquitoes. Many Pest Control Companies added this type of service to their existing business and there were many companies offering this service solely. This application primarily involves mist blowing adulticides to landing surfaces as well as treating any bodies of water/breeding sites that might be on the property. There are several products used for this application but regardless of product, Winfield’s proprietary products such as Aircover® and Droplex™ can dramatically enhance applications through better coverage and penetration into canopies and other places mosquitoes rest.

Coverage – even though a mist blower creates small droplets, the water still beads up on the leaf surface due to the waxy surface tension created by the leaf. Application coverage is good but not as complete as with the addition of aircover. See the differences below. Applications were made with a 2.5 gallon Stihl Mist Blower with the volume set at 3.5.

The addition of aircover will reduce the surface tension and provide EXCELLENT coverage to the front and back of the leaf surface. More complete coverage offers better control of mosquitoes.

Penetration in canopies.
Water sensitive paper was placed in a five foot wide hedge. Placements were at depths of 9 inches, 3 feet and 5 feet (the back of the hedge).
5 foot wide hedge                                        Applications made 1 foot from the hedge

Water sensitive paper clipped 9 inches deep from the front.

Water Sensitive paper clipped at 3 feet deep from the front.

Water sensitive paper clipped to the back of the hedge.

Water sensitive paper from the bottom, 9 inches, 3 feet and 5 feet. The speckling indicates water hit the paper. You can see that no water hit the paper at 5 feet.

When Aircover® was added the difference was significant.
Water only at 9 inches                                 Water + .25 oz. of Aircover® at 9 inches

Water only at 3 feet                                         Water + .25 oz. of Aircover® at 3 feet
Water only at 5 feet                                                 Water + .25 oz. of Aircover® at 5 feet
.25 oz. Aircover®  + .5 oz. Droplex™
Water only at 9 inches                                   Water + Aircover® and Droplex™ at 9 inches

 Water only at 3 feet                                    Water + Aircover® and Droplex™ at 3 feet

Water only at 5 feet                                           Water + Aircover® and Droplex™ at 5 feet
Summary of applications and rates. The papers are organized from left to right. All start with 9 inches at the bottom and then finish at 5 feet at the top. 1st column is water only. 2nd column is water plus .25 ounces of Aircover® . 3rd column is water plus .25 ounces of Aircover® and .5 ounces of Droplex™ . 4th column represents an increase in volume as the solution was the same but the volume on the Stihl was adjusted from 3.5 to 5.5. A significant improvement over water only was seen when both Aircover® and Droplex™ were added to the solution.


Oher than bedbug work, no other segment within pest control grew in 2015 like back pack misting for mosquitoes.

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