• Agriculture Technology
  • Sep 20, 2017

Dial Up the R7® Tool Lite

R7 Tool on iPad
NOTE: To use the R7® Tool Lite, you will need to have access to the Answer Tech® web portal through your local WinField United retailer. 
The R7® Tool Lite is a new version of the R7® Tool designed specifically for mobile devices. It can be accessed on your smartphone through your internet browser. And although it doesn’t have the full functionality of the R7® Tool, it’s great for recording notes and taking photos when you are in the field.
The new R7® Tool Lite provides easy access to many R7® Tool functions and allows retailers and farmers to:
  • View and edit field information.
  • View in-season imagery from the current year.
  • Create scouting notes and attach photos while tying them to a location in the field.
  • Identify vigor status of fields using the R7® Field Monitoring Tool.
Here is how to access the R7® Tool Lite:
1.  Select the internet browser on your mobile device (e.g., Safari, Chrome)
2. Go to answertech.com.
3. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right, then click on login.
4. Once you’ve logged in, select the three vertical dots, then the nine-square icon, then the R7® Tool.
5. Clicking on the three horizontal bars on the top left allows you to view field-specific data.
Here are some examples of the screens you can access:
The R7® Tool Lite is a great option for quickly viewing in-season images, taking notes on the fly and editing field information — all on your smartphone. If you would like to have Answer Tech® access so you can use this tool, talk with your WinField United retailer today.

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