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CROPLAN® CP21T3P canola offers game-changing shatter resistance

Canola Crop

Pod drop and shatter is a challenge for canola producers, reducing yields by 40 per cent or more in severe cases. While growers have helped prevent the damage by swathing their crop, this harvest practice costs around $10/acre more than straight cutting since it adds an additional pass through the field. 


Fortunately, growers can reap the rewards of a straight-cut operation by planting CROPLAN® CP21T3P canola with TruFlex technology. Backed by industry-leading shatter and pod drop scores in the TruFlex market, this hybrid provides producers with peace-of-mind at harvest that is hard to match.

We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from farmers who have used CP21T3P who say it stands up exceptionally well against pod drop and shatter in large-scale operations under diverse stress conditions, supporting what we’ve found in our Answer Plot® trials. 

We’ve heard from farmers who were initially concerned when they left crop in the field longer than usual but were amazed by how well CP21T3P harvested. The pod integrity was excellent. 

Although many growers straight-cut their canola, I spoke with a farmer who swathed CP21T3P and another product in their field. After a large amount of hail came through the swath, there was a night and day difference between the two hybrids. The competing product was severely shelled out and white, but CP21T3P held its pods and still exhibited a nice golden-brown color.

Shatter resistance isn’t the only benefit that CP21T3P canola brings to the table. It also offers strong yield potential, solid early season growth, next level weed control with an extended herbicide window, enhanced blackleg resistance and great standability. 

If you’re ready to give CROPLAN® CP21T3P a try, reach out to your local WinField® United Canada retailer. We have a strong seed supply of this hybrid available for 2022 planting, so they’ll be happy to set you up.

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