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  • Feb 02, 2017

Coming Soon: A Better Way to Help Manage Turf Health on Your Course

We’re always looking to improve upon the products and services we offer at WinField United, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve created a new insight tool that will allow you to manage your operation in ways that we believe have never been possible until now.
We’re introducing this powerful new platform at the 2017 Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Feb. 4-9. But it would be cruel to make you wait that long to learn more about this exciting new technology, so we’re hosting a pre-launch webinar on February 21 at noon and we encourage you to attend. More information on the webinar will be available closer to the event.
In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of the first facility management system of its kind.
NAME: GeoTech Insight Platform
DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive grounds management system that is designed to leverage the full power of imagery from satellites, airplanes and drones to:
  • Identify and document plant and turf health concerns.
  • Design corrective solutions.
  • Make precise input applications.
  • Keep track of treatments and results.
PURPOSE: To give golf course superintendents and grounds crew managers the ability to better utilize labor resources, manage input costs and help increase sustainability.
1. Review plant health assessment through aerial imagery
The GeoTech insight platform analyzes in-season satellite imagery and ultra high-resolution (UHR) imagery from airplanes and drones to generate maps that help industry professionals identify opportunities to fine-tune their management plans and optimize the performance of their corrective solutions. Some of the maps available include:
  • General Site Map.
  • Plant Health Assessment Map.
  • Management Zones Map.
  • Additional layers can be created by uploading site-specific information.
2. Scout grounds more efficiently
The GeoTech insight platform will help superintendents save time and manage labor costs by assigning accurate scouting routes to follow. The software also simplifies the record-keeping process by giving grounds grew a centralized location to store scouting information. These notes and observations can be accessed by anyone you want to give access to, helping ensure decision makers are always on the same page.
3. Prescribe variable rate solutions
The GeoTech insight platform enables superintendents to designate different management zones based on plant health and design the appropriate corrective treatments for each zone. Then utilizing the efficiency of GPS sprayers, grounds crew can automatically deliver these precise, pre-determined corrective treatments to each management zone. This will help decision makers optimize performance, manage costs and help improve sustainability by ensuring that inputs are applied only where they’re needed and not wasted.

We’re introducing this powerful new platform at the 2017 Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Feb. 4-9.

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