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Broadening Our Network to Enhance Your Connectivity

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In today’s connected world, the ability to access your on-farm data quickly and easily is essential. Not being able to retrieve it in your cab could mean a day without critical information, which could mean a day wasted. During the season, that’s not an option.
Now there’s a new way to make data more readily available to farmers who do business with a retailer that is affiliated with WinField United. WinField United has connected equipment manufacturer John Deere to the Answer Tech Data Silo® — WinField United’s cloud-based data-management system.

More connected cabs, free-flowing data

This collaboration lets farmers who use the built-in technology found in John Deere equipment to filter that information to the Data Silo, where it is securely stored. This data can then automatically flow into downstream tools like the WinField® United R7® Tool, which can send it to other WinField United tools such as the R7 Field Forecasting Tool and the R7 Field Monitoring Tool to evaluate in-season weather and moisture conditions. This automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, so your planting and as-applied data flow seamlessly and populate the tools that provide you with insights.

Tied in to Answer Plot® data

This new integration offers a variety of possibilities for pre-season and in-season information gathering. For example, if you’re a corn grower, having planting data and information about a hybrid automatically entered into the Data Silo allows you to cross-check it with Answer Plot data to determine that hybrid’s response-to-fungicide or response-to-nitrogen scores. Additionally, if during the season you have disease or insect outbreaks in your fields, or if tissue samples in your region are trending behind on nitrogen, your agronomist can alert you, giving you the opportunity to remedy problems and optimize your ROI potential.
Through our technology, WinField United empowers farmers to streamline workflow, update information automatically and, most important, protect their data. This allows data to work harder and enables the insights derived from that data to be used on the farm throughout the season.
The Data Silo is available to any farmer, no matter what equipment or technology they may be using. To find out more about what this option offers and how you can access it, talk with your WinField United-affiliated local trusted advisor.
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