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  • Feb 24, 2023

Answer Plot® Highlights

Answer Plot site
Answer Plot® is WinField® United Canada's interactive agronomic and product education classroom.

“Using this platform, we are able to test innovative products and agronomic practices to gain insights, understand variability and improve predictability,” says Martin Carr, Agronomy Manager with WinField United Canada.

Carr manages the eight-acre Answer Plot site located near Saskatoon, SK, and shared some of his favourite highlights from the 2022 season.

Glufosinate + Quizalofop applications were improved with the addition of MasterLock® adjuvant
“Adding MasterLock to the mix reduced the number of fine droplets that drift to non-target areas, maintained on-target application and delivered more active ingredient to the target weeds,” says Carr. “This meant we saw increased product coverage on leaves and increased control of the wild buckwheat present.”

Learn more about MasterLock and how it can keep your product on target.

Pre-emergent Authority® 480 herbicide provides lasting control of kochia
Compared to glyphosate + carfentrazone in a pre-burn application, the effects of Authority 480 on kochia were visible well into the season!  Authority contains the active ingredient sulfentrazone, a Group 14 herbicide that provides control of Group 2, 4, 5 and 9 resistant kochia. While this trial wasn’t taken to yield, we know Authority influenced the weed seed bank as each kochia plant can produce up to 30,000 seeds. The landowner was glad we mowed this down well before seed set.  

No Authority

Pre-emergent application of Authority 480

Stellar™ Unpacked partners with Bromoxynil
Stellar Unpacked delivers excellent weed control, but now in the Unpacked formulation, it offers you the ability to choose the phenoxy and rate that fits your weed spectrum.

“We tested Stellar Unpacked with MCPA, 2,4-D, and Bromoxynil to see the effects on our driver weed (wild buckwheat) and evaluate potential antagonism with pinoxaden,” shares Carr. “In both tests the Stellar Unpacked + Bromoxynil delivered surprisingly strong results. This tank mix had the least antagonism and highest level of weed control.”

Learn more about Stellar Unpacked and find the best tank mix partner for your local conditions.

This oat crop was used to simulate an extremely thick patch of wild oats. Antagonism was observed to various degrees between the Group 1 herbicides and the tank mix partners.

Stellar Unpacked was evaluated with three separate broadleaf partners. In this field, with a thick population of buckwheat, Stellar Unpacked + Starbuck (bromoxynil) was the star performer.

Herbicide symptomology testing shows visible results
“Within the Answer Plot site, we dedicate space to demonstrate the effects of herbicide symptomology. This space is affectionately known as our ‘Playground Strips,’” says Carr. “This is one area we can really deep dive into herbicide symptomology and teach our Answer Plot attendees just how herbicides work!”
  • One example that showed particularly well was the Group 27 herbicides. They are known as HPPD inhibitors and work by inhibiting the activity of the HPPD enzyme in plants. These herbicides are absorbed by the plant and translocated to the growing points of leaves and stems. This allows the herbicide to effectively control the entire plant, rather than just the parts that were directly treated. Attendees could see these effects with dominant yellowing and bleaching within the plants. 
  • Group 3 herbicide symptoms can be a bit tricky to discern in the field as they are classified as mitotic inhibitors or root inhibitors. These products act by binding to the proteins that are key building blocks of roots, causing the plant’s roots to become shorter and function less effectively. The plant will still germinate; however, its shortened root system allows little access to nutrients and water, meaning it will not compete with the crop for resources and will not live to set seed.  It was easy to spot the symptoms in this demonstration as treated plants were displayed right next to untreated.

“Answer plot provides so many opportunities to demonstrate agronomic principles while testing out new and innovative products. We try something new each year – and there is always something new to learn,” says Carr.

With more great trials planned for 2023, find a retailer to sign up to attend an Answer Plot tour this summer!  
Featuring: Martin Carr, PAg, CCA, 4R-NMS - Agronomy Manager West, WinField United Canada

Featuring: Martin Carr, PAg, CCA, 4R-NMS - Agronomy Manager West, WinField United Canada

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