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ADAMA launches new SORATEL fungicide


SORATEL™, a new fungicide engineered to protect Canada’s most important crops from disease, is registered for use on canola for sclerotinia control, wheat and barley for fusarium and a variety of other crops. 

SORATEL™ contains prothioconazole, one of the most trusted actives. It’s powered by the new ASORBITAL™ Formulation Technology, a novel proprietary formulation technology that delivers improved penetration efficiency and excellent systemic movement in plants, resulting in higher efficacy. 

Asorbital™ Formulation Technology combines a unique mix of solvents and surfactants, creating a new and extraordinary carrier technology that increases efficacy while reducing environmental impact. This means more protection gets into the plant faster with less run-off or degradation by the sun. With mother nature being so unpredictable, this technology is a breakthrough for Canadian farmers. 

“SORATEL is a great solution, not only because it’s a leading molecule, but because of the advanced delivery system,” says Cornie Thiessen, general manager of ADAMA Canada. “SORATEL also provides preventative and corrective activity against sclerotinia and fusarium infections and as a pre-mixed formulation, there is no need to add an external adjuvant.” 

SORATEL adds to ADAMA’s fungicide portfolio, which includes a broad cereal portfolio including products like BUMPER®, CUSTODIA®, ORIUS® and TOPNOTCH™.  

From early herbicide timing, cereal leaf disease control and fusarium head blight, ADAMA is bringing new solutions to the market.

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