• Agriculture Technology
  • Oct 24, 2018

A New Way to Help Ensure Data Transparency

Two men talking while one sits on the back of his truck tailgate that is full of bags of seed
As a farmer, do you wonder how your data is being used and where it’s going? You want your technology provider to offer insights and advice about how to improve on-farm performance based on your fields and your data. But you probably don’t want that provider using your data in a way that’s not going to benefit you and your operation. See how aligning with a transparent data partner can help give you peace of mind. 
What’s the value of being ag data transparent?
The concept of ag data transparency is simple: Farmers own their data, and they should know exactly how it is being treated by their data provider. Is it being shared? Is it being sold?
WinField United is one of several companies that have received certification from Ag Data Transparent — a third-party-administered, not-for-profit corporation. Ensuring transparency in data collection, use, access, portability, availability and retention are all required to be considered an Ag Data Transparent-certified company.
What are the criteria?
Companies wishing to be certified as Ag Data Transparent must answer 10 questions about how they collect, store, use and share farmers’ data. Submitted materials are reviewed by a third-party administrator for accuracy. If merited, the Ag Data Transparent seal is awarded.
Much like the Good Housekeeping Seal verifies compliance with Good Housekeeping’s standards, the Ag Data Transparent seal recognizes compliance with ag data’s core principles regarding collection, access and ownership. Other companies that have earned Ag Data Transparent certification include Agrible, Farmobile, GROWMARK and John Deere.
Ag Data Transparent provides standardized information, because each company has to answer the same 10 questions. It also has provided information in a way that’s easy for farmers to access and understand.
WinField United recognizes that transparency is important to our farmer and retailer partners, and we are proud to have received certification for our Answer Tech Data Silo™ cloud-based data-management system. Being certified assures farmers that WinField United and the Answer Tech Data Silo are only sharing data with parties approved by those farmers. And that could mean no third parties at all. It’s all up to the farmer.
For more information on Ag Data Transparent and the Answer Tech Data Silo certification, talk with your local trusted advisor.