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  • May 21, 2015

A New Solution for Fly Control

Flies are more than pest. They can create animal production issues and pose serious health hazards. Flies mechanically transmit disease pathogens, such as Salmonella, E.coli and Campylobacter. Additionally, new pathogens like Avian Influenza also have the potential to be transmitted mechanically to susceptible turkey and poultry. Controlling fly populations is important to maintaining optimal output in production agriculture and, more importantly, protecting the health of animals and people.
Zyrox is an exciting potential solution for fly control. It is a granular fly bait from Syngenta and utilizes a novel active ingredient, Cyantraniliprole, in a new class of chemistry – the Anthranilic diamide class. This active has a unique mode of action which is a valuable tool for resistance management and improved control of house flies. Zyrox causes calcium depletion in the fly’s muscles which leads to paralysis and death. Most fly populations now have varying degrees of resistance to the two classes that have been available for several years now: Neonicitinoids and Carbamates. But flies have no known resistance to Cyantraniliprole. Zyrox is also a reduced risk product by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, it doesn’t even have a signal word because of its excellent environmental profile.
Zyrox is an extremely attractive bait matrix – I personally have seen it attract house flies to it over rotting hog carcasses. The bait matrix is different from existing granular baits as it does not have the need for the sexual attractant Z-9 Tricosene, or the foul odor that can accompany it. Applicators will not see the attraction to the bait as quick as one gets with the sexual attractants but they will see the flies drawn to it and the superior control it provides. Another difference to the existing baits is how the flies react to feeding on it: they slow down as the paralysis starts. Flies that ingest the Neonicitinoids have an opposite reaction in that they spin and buzz in a hyper fashion. Zyrox is also a very discrete bait. When applied as a broadcast to many surfaces it is practically invisible.
Zyrox has a great label for animal production facilities including but not limited to broiler houses, caged layers (including the walkways inside), dairies swine facilities and turkey barns.
This is an exciting new and needed tool for house fly management. The combination of an extremely effective bait that is very low in toxicity to non-targets makes it a logical choice for applicators to incorporate in their integrated programs.
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