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  • Jul 27, 2023

A Journey through the 2023 Answer Plot® Tours


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The 2023 Answer Plot® tours have come to a close, leaving attendees with a toolbox full of new ideas showcased during the events in July. Situated across 12 acres of land and featuring hundreds of products, this year's tours attracted over 200 agronomy nerds eager to soak up some knowledge. From soil health measurements to cutting-edge herbicide strategies, Answer Plot offered a captivating and educational experience that left everyone yearning for more. 

The Power of Collaboration: Manufacturer Partners in Action 

One of the most impressive aspects of the Answer Plot tours was the presence of seven manufacturer partners, each conducting their own trials and demonstrations. This collaboration allowed attendees to witness cutting-edge technologies and solutions from various industry experts, showcasing new launches to the marketplace for 2024 and beyond. With seven partners participating it was like packing seven plot tours into one ultimate learning opportunity. 

Decoding Herbicide Mode of Action 

The enigma of herbicide mode of action was unveiled through demonstrations showcasing symptomology in both broadleaf and grasses. Understanding how different herbicide groups work and identifying symptomology on various plants can be crucial in correctly diagnosing issues and making informed decisions. 

The Living Soil: Demonstrating Soil Health Indicators  

Soil health lies at the heart of sustainable agriculture, and the Answer Plot tours didn't shy away from showcasing its significance. Attendees participated in two unique demonstrations to evaluate indicators of healthy soil. One demo involved the "Soil Your Undies" challenge, where cotton underwear buried in the soil months prior showcased its biological activity. Another demo, the water infiltration test, measured the rate at which soil absorbs water. These demonstrations highlighted the physical, biological, and chemical properties that contribute to soil health.  

Optimizing Herbicide Partners 

The importance of selecting the right adjuvant or phenoxy partner for herbicides based on weed spectrum was a key takeaway from the Answer Plot tours. Attendees learned about the advantages of using Stellar™ Unpacked, a product that allows local weed populations to drive the decision-making process. By adapting herbicide choices to specific weed types, farmers can achieve better control and improved results in their fields.  

Mastering Application with Non-Ionic Surfactants 

Effectively delivering agricultural products to the target site is essential for optimal results. The Answer Plot tours showcased the effectiveness of MasterLock® through a live-action axe-throwing demonstration. This innovative product ensures that the applied products stick and spread on the intended targets, enhancing efficiency and efficacy in the field. 

Revolutionizing Canola Research with CROPLAN® 

The relentless pursuit of improved agricultural practices was evident in the CROPLAN® canola research showcased at Answer Plot. The focus on developing a high-yielding, glufosinate-tolerant, straight-cut and clubroot-resistant hybrid canola variety responds to the needs of western Canadian farmers, stay tuned for more information on future hybrids.  

Kochia Management Strategies: A Battle Against Resistance 

Kochia, a challenging weed in the brown soil zone and beyond, poses significant resistance issues. Answer Plot tours emphasized the importance of exploring new dual combinations, such as Group 6 + 27, and 6 + a new Group 4 option, to effectively manage this stubborn weed. Attendees witnessed delayed-seeded demos, two weeks post-application, which vividly highlighted the symptoms and challenges associated with kochia management. 

OnDeck™: A New Era in Kochia Control 

The showcase of OnDeck™, a Group 6 + 27 combination herbicide, brought a glimmer of hope in the battle against kochia. The demonstrations showcased its effectiveness, particularly on smaller kochia plants. By using adjuvants like Journey® HSOC, farmers can further enhance the herbicide's efficiency. Moreover, OnDeck™ offers the added advantage of no cropping restrictions for lentils in the following year, making it a promising option for growers. 

Putting Canola's Pod Integrity to the Test 

Canola's pod shatter tolerance is a critical factor affecting crop yield and quality. At Answer Plot, the pod shatter trials provided invaluable data on hybrid performance, utilizing the Canola Council of Canada's shatter rating scale. This information enables farmers to make data-driven decisions when selecting CROPLAN® hybrids, ensuring a successful and profitable harvest. 

Unraveling the Journey of a Spray Droplet 

A riveting stop on the Answer Plot tours revealed the journey of a spray droplet and the challenges it faces from the tank to the target site. Attendees learned about the importance of adjuvants, which can mitigate the impact of various threats and enhance weed control by improving active ingredient delivery. WinField® United Canada offers spray clinics to dive deep into sprayer calibration, choosing the right nozzle for your products, and how to get the most out of your spray application.  

The 2023 Answer Plot tours undoubtedly left attendees enthralled with cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and fascinating demonstrations in the world of agronomy. As we eagerly await next year's tours, one thing is certain: Answer Plot will continue to deliver captivating and educational information for years to come. Mark your calendars and be sure to take part in an Answer Plot tour next year! 

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