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  • Aug 14, 2015

5 Questions with… Aaron Johnsen

Introducing a new blog series called “5 Questions with…” where we will interview and showcase different industry professional in a variety of segments. We hope to provide some fun facts along with useful insights. Have someone you think we should interview? Send your suggestions to winfieldpro@landolakes.com.
First up, our very own Aaron Johnsen …
Taylor: Explain your new role in the Professional Products Group?
Aaron: For the past 3 years, I’ve been responsible for managing WinField’s proprietary products from concept through marketing while providing technical support to sales reps and customers. Recently I added the responsibility of Regional Sales Director for the Midwest and Great Lakes regions to my plate. In this role I’ll be managing the sales team to execute the strategic plan in these regions. I will continue to maintain my previous responsibilities of managing the proprietary product line and providing technical support. How will I accomplish all of this? Two ways. With the support of great team members and lots and lots of caffeine.  
Taylor: What is one of WinField’s best kept secrets?
Aaron: One of WinField’s best kept secrets is the volume of research data on products. We have funded more than 100 studies over the past 3 years. With that comes lots of data on our products, complementary products and competitive products. We have been a bit slow analyzing and sharing this information with customers but I look forward to continuing to unlock new insights for our customers.
Taylor: What is a fun fact that people would be surprised to know about you?
Aaron: Most people are surprised to hear that I’ve been a youth hockey coach for over 10 years. I picked up coaching after I stopped playing as a way to stay active and involved in the game. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I keep signing up each year. I really enjoy seeing the players mature and grow not only throughout the season, but also as they finish high school and go through college.
Taylor: When you are stumped in regards to technical information where do you go for information and advice?
Aaron: I never get stumped :) . If I were to get stumped, the most valuable information always comes from reaching out to my network. I strive hard to help others with their challenges when I can add value, because many of those same people provide me help when I need it.
Taylor: What is one reason to attend a WinField Academy?
Aaron: The primary reason I recommend people attend a WinField Academy event is the opportunity to hear from speakers that don’t often get to an area. WinField looks to pull in speakers from out of state to provide new perspectives on challenges and successes. If people attend with an open mind, the possibilities are endless. 

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