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  • Jan 20, 2017

2017 Resolution: Worry Less & Do More

What if there was a tool that could provide insight from the turf's perspective? That stress, sun damage, fungus or pest pressure could be identified days before the turf was visibly showing distress?

What if there was a tool that you and your team could document areas of concern on the golf course and could eliminate overlap in work efforts?

What if there was a way to decrease your chemical usage, while increasing its efficacy?

What if we told you there was a tool and it encompasses all your "What If's?" Join us as WinField unveils GeoTech™ - An unprecedented course insight platform, allowing you to manage your course with more precision than ever. But what if we could tell you that it does even more…

The wait is over - Join us at booth #822 for a free GeoTech™ demo. Those who demo the tool and download the app will receive a free Tile Bluetooth tracking device.

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What if we told you, the future of turf management is here?

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