Choose The Right Sunflower Traits

CROPLAN® seed has a long history of offering farmers the DuPont™ ExpressSun® and the Clearfield® Production System traits. Both provide good weed-control options to farmers.

  • Both traits have advanced yield potential.
  • Both require preemergence herbicide treatments (Spartan® Charge, BroadAxe® or Prowl® H20) or preplant-incorporated herbicides (Framework®, Prowl® H20 or Sonalan®) to combat kochia and Russian thistle.
  • Both are a Group 2 herbicide mode of action
  • The DuPont™ ExpressSun® trait is tolerant to Express® herbicide.
  • The Clearfield® Production System is tolerant to Beyond® herbicide.

Clearfield Sunflower

DuPont ExpressSun

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Scout, Filter, Compare, and Print Seed Details

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Express® and ExpressSun® are trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Beyond® and Clearfield® are trademarks of BASF Corporation.