Grain Sorghum Traits

Our CROPLAN® products provide traits that have made great progress in protecting plants from insect damage and reducing competition from weeds.

Sugarcane Aphid Tolerance (SCA)

  • Use a tolerant hybrid to slow down the rate of infestation. For example, geographies in the northern tier of grain sorghum production are less likely to have SCA infestations. Plant as early as soil temperature allows. And while many commercially available products have high levels of sugarcane aphid tolerance, an earlier-maturity variety may help avoid late-season infestation in areas of high concern.
  • Scout early and often. And use approved Sugarcane Aphid approved insecticide as soon as threshold is reached.
  • Insecticides may cause SCA numbers to increase rapidly. Make sure to avoid using pyrethroids and other insecticides that are harmful to beneficials (SCA natural enemies include lady beetles, hover fly and green lacewing).

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