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Grain Sorghum

More Tonnage Potential. Better Bottom-Line Potential.

All the forage options out there can make your hybrid decisions harder than they should be. But with expertise from the WinField United team, you can easily find the right forage sorghum seed and genetics for your fields. We’ll deliver the best nutrition and high sorghum plant digestibility insights to help optimize tonnage and quality from planting to harvest.



These are the factors to consider:

  • Finding the correct plant maturity
  • Growing season length
  • Elevation
  • Scheduling
  • Crop rotation

Knowing the limits and potentials of each acre also makes a difference. Consider traditional weather patterns and average first frost date:

  • Early – 60 days (or earlier to mid bloom)
  • Medium/Early – 61-65 days
  • Medium – 66-70 days
  • Medium/Late – 71-75 days
  • Late – 76 days (or longer)
Average of 40 days additional days to reach harvest maturity.


Recommended to conduct regular soil sampling to determine the soil fertility levels of fields as a fertility planning tool. Sorghum for grain will require roughly 2 lbs. of actual N for every 100 lbs. of grain yield expected (example: 8,000 lb. yield will need to have 160 lbs. of actual Nitrogen).

Grain Sorghum Traits

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2023 CROPLAN Seed Guide

The 2023 CROPLAN Seed Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.

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