Winter Canola: The Right Traits

CROPLAN® seed offers two types of winter canola: Roundup Ready® Canola and Roundup Ready® Canola that is sulfonylurea residual tolerant (SURT®). These are two critical traits of winter canola that thrives in various cropping systems.

Roundup Ready® Canola

  • Strong on cheat, feral rye and other tough grasses.
  • Optimal control with Class Act® NG® and InterLock® adjuvants.
  • Excellent crop safety with Roundup® brand agricultural herbicide for in-crop applications.

SURT® Canola

  • Review the crop protection history of previous wheat crops.
  • In field trials, SURT® products provide improved crop safety from previous wheat crops with a long-residual sulfonylurea herbicide.
  • Canola is susceptible to many broadleaf herbicides with a long residual life.

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Scout, Filter, Compare, and Print Seed Details

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Class Act® NG® and InterLock® are trademarks of WinField United. SURT® and Roundup Ready® are trademarks used under license from Bayer Group.