Roundup Ready® Canola

Tolerant to glyphosate

TruFlex™ Canola

The CROPLAN® seed canola portfolio brings genetic diversity to the farm with the latest weed-control options, like TruFlex™ canola, which offers outstanding crop safety.

The TruFlex™ with Roundup Ready® Technology System Helps You:

  • Have the ability to spray up to first flower.
  • Manage both annual weeds and tough-to-control perennials, including Canada thistle, dandelion and wild buckwheat.
  • Be flexible with the Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide application rate to get the job done using 44 fluid oz. per acre or applying sequential rates of 22 fluid oz. per acre.
  • Achieve better weed control and crop safety compared to Roundup Ready® Canola for improved yield potential.

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Scout, Filter, Compare, and Print Seed Details

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