Advanced Acre Rx Trials in Vincent, Iowa

Vincent, IA

This season we are putting the Advanced Acre® Rx prescription program to the test – the Answer Plot® test.  The Advanced Acre Rx is a program that offers confidence and additional control over your fields.  Here you can follow the developments from the trial all season long. Check back for more updates.

July 12 2021

Vincent Soybean Tissue Sample

Cully Forsyth discussing the soybean tissue sample and the application of MAX-IN Mn.

July 12 2021

Vincent Corn Nitrogen

Cully Forsyth discussing Nitrogen management using the R7 Field Forecasting Tool at the Vincent, Iowa Answer Plot location.

July 12 2021

Vincent Answer Plot and Corn ZMB

Cully Forsyth discussing Corn tissue samples at the Vincent Answer Plot location and the application of MAX IN ZMB.