Advanced Acre Rx Trials in Pleasant Plains, Illinois

Pleasant Plains, IL

This season we are putting the Advanced Acre® Rx prescription program to the test – the Answer Plot® test.  The Advanced Acre Rx is a program that offers confidence and additional control over your fields.  Here you can follow the developments from the trial all season long.  Check back for more updates.

September 08 2021

Harvest appearance of CROPLAN 5497VT2P at the Pleasant Plains, IL Answer Plot location

Harvest is underway at the Pleasant Plains, IL Answer Plot location! Although the crop is drying down quickly, the 105% Approved Yield treatment that received in-furrow applications at planting, in-season nitrogen management, and a fungicide at tassel has noticeably more green leaf area and plant health compared to other treatments being evaluated. Stay tuned for the final yields from this trial!

August 09 2021

Row number and kernel depth of CROPLAN 5497VT2P-RIB at Pleasant Plains, IL Answer Plot in 2021

These ears pollinated well and have good length, but kernel depth and weight often make the difference between an average crop and a bumper harvest. The kernels of CROPLAN 5497VT2P-RIB appear like they have the potential for high weight, and late-season plant health in these last few weeks of the season will be critical for achieving the potential of this crop!

August 09 2021

Ears of CROPLAN 5497VT2P-RIB at Pleasant Plains, IL Answer Plot

Pollination in our Advanced Acre Rx trial at the Pleasant Plains, IL Answer Plot location was great! This is due to a combination of favorable weather conditions during flowering and the crop inputs that were made as part of the Advanced Acre Rx prescription. These ears from CROPLAN 5497VT2P-RIB are 16 rows around and between 35 and 40 kernels in length.

August 06 2021

Foliar corn diseases at Pleasant Plains, IL Answer Plot in 2021

Foliar diseases are showing up in the Pleasant Plains, IL Answer Plot location. Southern Rust, Gray Leaf Spot, and Tar Spot are all present and visible. It is a good thing that we applied a premium fungicide with three modes-of-action in our 105% approved yield Advanced Acre Rx prescription trial to reduce yield loss from these pathogens in a high response-to-fungicide hybrid! 

July 02 2021

R7 Field Forecasting Tool yield prediction from Pleasant Plains

Using the R7® Field Forecasting Tool, which models weather and nitrogen, we decided to apply an additional 240 units at side-dress in early June. Being a better steward of nitrogen is not necessarily about cutting back, but rather by using resources like Field Forecasting Tool to make more efficient rate and timing decisions.

June 10 2021

Improvement in mid-season growth associated with in-furrow treatments of the 105% approved yield system

The rows on the left of the photo are the 105% approved yield treatment at Pleasant Plains, IL that received starter fertilizer, Ultra-Che Zinc 9%, and Ascend Pro at planting. The rows to the right are the same hybrid that did not receive the in-furrow applications at planting.

June 10 2021

Comparison of root development for grower standard practice versus 105% approved yield treatment

The two plants on the left are the grower standard practice. They did not receive in-furrow at planting. The two plants on the right are 105% approved yield treatment, receiving in-furrow starter fertilizer, Ultra-Che Zinc 9% EDTA, and Ascend Pro.


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