Since 1996, the CROPLAN® brand has provided quality seed to farmers across the country. After 20 years in business, we are now able to offer an even broader selection of high-performing seed selected from genetics that meet unique and local challenges. Our products are backed by 5 million data points gathered from across the country. This range of information and data gives us a good picture of the agronomic needs of a specific area, down to the field level.

As your trusted partner, we bring all of these elements together with the goal of helping you realize the greatest yield and return on investment potential on every acre. We look forward to working with you.


    Statistically sound data from nearly 200 Answer Plot® locations verify CROPLAN® seed performance. Locally proven and nationally validated, our products provide customized solutions for optimal performance.

    Precision ag solutions such as the R7® Tool by WinField help you make highly localized CROPLAN® seed and WinField® crop protection product selection and placement decisions.

    WinField representatives have the knowledge, expertise and insights to help you meet specific field challenges.

    Combining our elite germplasm with the industry's best management information to offer a broad selection of hybrids and varieties adapted to your local conditions.

    CROPLAN® seed brings you high-performing genetics and the latest in trait technologies.


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Full seed guide includes all CROPLAN corn, soybean, alfalfa, corn silage, forage sorghum, canola, sunflower, cotton and wheat products for 2020.

More choices. More insights. More yield potential.

High-performing CROPLAN® seed is backed by the expertise and insights to help you reap maximum yield potential from each field. By handpicking seed from the industry's best genetics, we offer a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Our elite germplasm is combined with the latest traits and technologies to help you meet the specific challenges in each area of the field, no matter what conditions you face.

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Answer Plot® 2016 Yield Results

The Answer Plot® Program is a premier research and demonstration resource, producing millions of data points and one of the industry's most extensive data sets. We used applied science to analyze and compare statistical seed data from CROPLAN® products against our leading competitor's products.

To learn more about the results and discover which seed products can give you a distinct advantage, view our 2016 Yield Advantage page.

R7® Tool by WinField

The R7® Tool by WinField is an industry-leading decision ag solution that provides unbiased product performance information and critical field data to help farmers optimize ROI potential. The R7® Tool uses satellite imagery and soil maps to reveal variability across a given field. Then, it uses both local and national Answer Plot® data to show how varieties respond to cropping systems and management factors in similar regions. This information can be used to develop a short list of appropriate hybrids and varieties, then produce a personalized strategy to help you optimize yield potential and defend that yield throughout the season. Learn more about the R7® Tool by WinField.

NutriSolutions 360® by WinField

The NutriSolutions 360® System from WinField is a complete plant nutrition management program comprised of various products, tools and expertise. The system offers a comprehensive approach to plant nutrition all year long.

Combined with our Agronomists’ expertise, this suite of industry-leading elements can help crops get off to a strong start, monitor ongoing nutrient levels and correct deficiencies before yields are affected. The insights gained with the NutriSolutions 360® System can help to optimize yield potential this season, and become important building blocks for seasons to come. Learn more about the NutriSolutions 360® System from WinField.