The Right Crop Protection

Key Points

To help achieve high wheat yield potential and optimize your input investment, it’s important to protect your crop from weed competition while reducing insect and yield-limiting disease outbreaks.

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Timely Fungicide Treatments

An application of Topaz® fungicide or Onset® 3.6L fungicide can protect against yield-robbing diseases, providing economic benefits. Under heavy disease pressure, early fungicide applications made during the fifth-leaf stage and around flag leaf have been effective in preserving yield potential going into winter. Onset® 3.6L fungicide treatments applied at Feekes growth stage 10.5.1 to target fusarium head blight can be especially beneficial for retaining wheat quality and reducing dockage.


Tips For Pest-Resistance Management

  • Monitor fields frequently for pests.
  • Optimize crop protection product performance for complete control by applying at recommended use rates and at correct weed and insect stages, and by using the appropriate adjuvants.
  • Use two or more effective herbicide and insecticide modes of action in the tank mix to control the same pest.
  • Use the right equipment and the recommended nozzles, pressure settings and spray volumes.
  • Plant different crops in order to use different herbicides and insecticides.
  • Rotate crops to change the timing of seeding and harvest, and the competitive ability of the crop.