The Right Plant Population

To achieve optimal yield and profit potential proper sunflower seed placement is essential. Using the right plant population can result in proper plant height, reduce disease incidence, and increase plant standability. To help ensure you attain the right plant populations use slower planter speeds and properly calibrate your planter.

Factors For Selecting The Right Populations

While each field and situation is unique, these calculations are based on a planting rate with 90 percent germination.

Available Moisture (rainfall, stored soil moisture and soil type)

  • For oil sunflowers with 30-inch row spacing and traditional tillage.
         – 23,000 to 25,000 seeds per acre: Highly productive areas and soils
         – 16,000 to 20,000 seeds per acre: Moisture-stressed areas and sandy soils

Tillage Type
  • For no-till seeding, oil sunflower populations often increase by 2,000 seeds per acre.
Row Spacing
  • For 7- to 20-inch row spacing, generally increase oil sunflower populations by 3,000 seeds per acre.
Sunflower Grain Market
  • For hulling oil market, generally subtract 2,000 seeds per acre from oil sunflower populations.
Sunflower Seed Size​​
  • Plant-to-plant spacing is important, and seed size can play a role in achieving the correct spacing and population in sunflower crops. Fortunately, most modern planters do a great job of handling many different sizes of seed, compared to older equipment. Small seed can be an economical option when using an air seeder.
Options in sunflower seedling sizes

CROPLAN® seed was the first brand to bring ProSize™ seed coating to the sunflower industry for improved planting accuracy. ProSize™ seed coating makes planting more precise with any type of planter, so you get accurate stands. However, it is limited to certain hybrids and sizes.

Your WinField representative can help you select the right population to optimize your fields’ potential.