The Right Genetics

Downy Mildew Trait.

  • The CROPLAN® brand was first to release the resistant strain Pl 15 available in 549 CL HO, which protects against all known races.
  • CROPLAN® sunflowers also offer the Pl 8 resistant strain in 458 E HO and 432 E. While hybrids with Pl 8 can become infected, this strain is designed to control downy mildew from advancing.
  • The most common resistance in the sunflower industry today is Pl 6, which has been broken down by resistance and no longer provides 100 percent protection. Pl 6 is susceptible to races 314, 704, 714, 734 and 774.

DuPont™ ExpressSun® Trait.

  • CROPLAN® sunflower hybrids with theDuPont™ ExpressSun® trait are tolerant to DuPont™ Express® SG herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules.
  • Using CROPLAN® sunflower hybrids with the ExpressSun®  trait, along with DuPont™ Express®  SG herbicide, allows farmers to optimize weed control, simplify production and optimize yield potential in sunflower crops.

Clearfield® Production System for Sunflowers.

  • The Clearfield® Production System for sunflowers is produced with conventional breeding for use with Beyond®  herbicide to control postemergent weeds.
  • Clearfield®  herbicide is a great option for no-till or minimum-till sunflower areas or fields containing weeds that are hard to control with other herbicides.
  • Beyond®  and Express®  SG herbicides will not work on ALS-resistant weeds, such as kochia.
At WinField, we continuously search for new opportunities to supply some of the best genetics in the industry for CROPLAN® sunflower seed.
  • Both ExpressSun® trait and Clearfield® sunflower hybrids are included.
  • NuSun® and High Oleic oil hybrids are easily matched to your farm.
  • Disease tolerance is included to help you consistently achieve your goals.

CROPLAN® Sunflower Hybrids Fit A Variety Of Marketing Objectives And Production Challenges

The first thing to consider when selecting a sunflower hybrid is the market or markets you are pursuing. Sunflower has become a market segmented by grain uses. And any one hybrid might fit one or more market options. Sunflower markets include:

  • High Oleic: Higher-value oil, becoming the standard over the next few years.
  • NuSun®: Standard for the oil market.
  • Hulling: All oil types that have proper seed size and ease of shell removal.
  • Birdseed: Regional markets throughout the United States for all oil types.