The Right Plant Population

Soybean plant types need to be considered when determining the right population. To help achieve the desired soybean stand, verify the number of seeds per pound in each seed bag and calibrate planters to hit the targeted plant population.

Population Recommendations

Soybean population chart according to row widths

Maximizing stand density is important in order to maintain high yield potential. Here are some factors to consider when trying to obtain maximum stand density:

  • Proper residue management
  • Uniform seedbed
  • Proper seed depth
  • Proper seed-to-soil contact
  • Applying a premium seed treatment such as Warden® CX

Protect Yield Potential with Warden CX Seed Treatment

Warden CX treated soybeans showing an increased 2.1 bushes per acre improvement

Protect high-value soybean seed from early-season disease and insect threats with Warden® CX seed treatment. In 2015, Answer Plot® Program results reported a positive response to soybean seed treated with Warden® CX seed treatment compared with an untreated control group. The treated seeds garnered a 2.1 bu/A average positive response.


R7 Tool Population Map

R7 Tool showing seed planting prescription for soybeans

To develop the right crop plan for each field, it’s important to understand which areas have the most yield potential and where you may be able to reduce populations. The R7® Tool provides prescriptions for seed planting rates to optimize yield potential.