Even Better Together

WinPak® soybean varieties from CROPLAN® seed are a unique combination of two varieties that provide an exceptional level of stability throughout the field. WinPak® varieties work together to increase yield potential on tough acres while maintaining yield in higher-producing areas.

Soybean seed blends can provide a consistent boost to soybean yield potential that is otherwise hard to find. In fact, data from regional Answer Plot® Program trials show WinPak® varieties consistently outperformed their individual component varieties across three maturity groups.

Field Variability

Managing field variability means reducing the complexity and money spent on different treatments. Whether you’re dealing with nutrients, field stresses, disease, or insect pressure the more variable the field, the greater the attention it requires.Your toughest fields may be where using WinPak® varieties would be an excellent choice.

Weather and Soil Challenges

From optimal weather to drought and wet conditions, weather affects your crops every season often leaving them more vulnerable to pests and disease. Achieving optimal yield potential with variable weather and soil conditions can be difficult. The diversity of WinPak® varieties can help balance these extremes through more appropriate management.

Field with storm rolling in from the horizon