The Right Cropping System

Maturity, yield potential, plant type, lodging resistance, as well as disease and pest resistance
play major roles in how soybean varieties perform.

Growth Stages

Accurately identifying soybean growth stages helps you determine the right solutions at the right time to manage pest and environmental problems.

Soybean growth stages chart for vegetative and reproductive stages

Soybean Seedling

Soybean seedling diagram



Crop Rotation

Rotating from corn to soybeans offers multiple benefits for both crops. For soybean crops, being planted in corn residue provides a fresh start and an advantage over potential pests and diseases. When corn follows soybeans,the corn rootworm cycle is potentially disrupted.

Moisture Level at Harvest

The percentage of moisture present in soybean plants at harvest can affect your crop’s grain quality and yield. Monitor the rate of soybean dry down in your fields as fall approaches to avoid excessive dryness and the potential for yield loss and reduced quality.