The Right Crop Protection

Your WinField representative can help you select the right crop protection products to match your soybean production system and help protect your seed investment. Adding the right adjuvant to the spray mixture helps enhance the performance of crop protection products. We are currently testing for response to fungicide by variety at Answer Plot® locations across the country.

Disease Protection

Thorough coverage is vital for optimum efficacy with fungicide treatments.

  • Adding a high-quality adjuvant to the spray mixture, such as MasterLock®, improves fungicide spray deposition, canopy penetration,and spray droplet sticking and spreading.
  • MasterLock® adjuvant, which includes InterLock® adjuvant and DropTight™ spreader sticker technology, works effectively with fungicides and insecticides to protect soybean plants and optimize your spray investment.

Protect Your Seed Investment

Contact your local WinField representative or visit for more information on our high-performing products. Always read and follow label directions.

Avalanche Ultra by WinField United logo
Avalanche® Ultra is a postemergence herbicide for controlling broadleaf weeds such as kochia, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth in soybeans and is compatible with other herbicides.

Class Act NG by WinField United logo
Class Act® NG® adjuvant is an easy-to-use liquid formulation with patented CornSorb® technology for improved herbicide uptake and performance. It is specifically for use with Cornerstone® herbicide.

InterLock by WinField United logo
InterLock® adjuvant creates optimal-sized droplets for better deposition, improved coverage throughout the crop canopy and less drift. MasterLock® adjuvant is a deposition aid and surfactant in one crop based product. The deposition aid is the same one found in InterLock® adjuvant and is combined with a nonionic surfactant to increase the absorption and efficacy of pesticide applications.

Superb HC by WinField United logo
Superb® HC and Destiny® HC high surfactant oil concentrate adjuvants with CornSorb® technology help you achieve optimal control of volunteer corn and other tough weeds when added to your herbicide tank mix. Superb® HC and Destiny® HC adjuvants are compatible in Cornerstone® tank mixes.

Tundra by Winfield United logo
Tundra® Supreme insecticide includes two high-performing active ingredients for effective, broad-spectrum insect protection with residual control.

Warden by WinField United logo
Warden® CX insecticide-fungicide seed treatment helps protect high-value seed from yield-robbing seedling disease and insect pests. With three fungicides for multiple modes of action, Warden® CX seed treatment provides industry-leading protection against Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora and Pythium.