Planting Management

Treated Seed

Concep® Seed Safener Treatment

  • Helps protect against metolachlor herbicide carryover or residual
  • Excellent preemergence grass herbicide

Cruiser® Systemic Insecticide Treatment

  • Controls early-season, soil-borne insects such as wireworm and chinch bugs
  • Effective on aboveground insects such as aphids
  • Available in most CROPLAN® forage sorghum and sorghum sudan hybrids

In-Furrow Applications

Ascend® Plant Growth Regulators

  • Ascend® PGR helps your plant build a strong foundation by boosting root, stem, and leaf growth.
  • Current trials are underway to test coated seed options, including Ascend® PGR and Ultra-Che® ZN. Coated seed provides a more uniform seed size, ease of planting, and less dusting off of seed.

Ascend treated forage sorghum showing a 21%25 yield increase