The Right Plant Nutrition

A key component of the NutriSolutions 360® system is tissue testing, which lets your WinField representative help you assess your cotton crop’s nutritional needs before visual deficiencies appear. In a few easy steps, this tool takes the guesswork out of nutrient analysis, adding a valuable risk-management component to your operation.

Discover the Latest at an Answer Plot Event

Talk with your local WinField representative to see how CROPLAN® cotton varieties perform under conditions just like yours. A visit to a CROPLAN® cotton trial will provide a hands-on learning experience packed with information about new products and technologies.

NutriSolutions Tissue Sampling Process

  • Your agronomist samples tissue from your fields at the recommended cotton growth stages (pinhead square, first bloom, full bloom, and boll fill).
  • Tissue samples are sent to an independent lab for analysis. Results are returned to your agronomist within a few days.
  • Test results are then entered into the NutriSolutions 360® system, which provides a detailed report outlining measured nutrient levels and a personalized prescription for correcting any deficiencies cited.