The Right Crop Protection

Harvesting a successful cotton crop starts with selecting precise seed varieties to match your unique conditions. After that, it’s important to pay attention to management details, such as insect, disease and weed control, along with plant growth regulation and proper fertility, which can ensure your seed will reach its full yield and fiber-quality potential.

  • The cotton plant begins to develop its first squares 40 days before flowering initiation begins, which can be as early as the second true-leaf expansion. Hot weather during this time can induce four-bract square, while cool weather can delay square initiation. Stresses over the next 40 days can lead to a reduced lock number and decrease the potential seed number.

  • Monitor and treat for early-season insects to avoid delay in squaring.
  • Apply nitrogen according to extension recommendations. Avoid excessive rates.
  • Glyphosate formulations approved for Genuity® Roundup Ready® Flex cotton may be applied throughout the season, up to seven days before harvest.
  • Timely herbicide applications reduce yield loss due to weed competition. Consider adding a preemergent herbicide and residual herbicides with different modes of action to your tank mix at effective rates to reduce the possibility of weed escapes. Overlap residual herbicide programs to ensure season-long weed control. Using glyphosate alone or at reduced rates is not a recommended weed control strategy.

Protect Your Seed Investment

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