The Right Genetics

The latest cotton seed genetics and trait technologies are available from CROPLAN® seed. All are stacked with either Genuity® Bollgard II® ,Genuity® Roundup Ready® Flex, or Bollgard II® XtendFlex® traits which provide the ultimate combination of unrivaled worm control and flexible weed control options.

Cotton You Can Count On From Croplan Seed

The CROPLAN® brand brings three premier transgenic varieties to the market. 3475B2XF (early) is a broad fit across the upper Southeast, upper mid-South and upper High Plains. 3885B2XF and 3787B2RF (mid maturities) have great adaptability across the Cotton Belt and excellent performance in the lower Southeast, lower mid-South and irrigated southeast Texas. Your WinField representative can help you select the right variety with the best genetics and traits for your field. Features of CROPLAN® cotton include:

  • High yield potential and premium fiber quality
  • Excellent early-season vigor
  • Easy-to-manage plant growth and exceptional storm tolerance
  • Convenient flexible worm and weed control
  • Fewer potential losses due to weather
  • Great farmer profit potential
  • Opportunities in both base international and high-end domestic markets

Industry-Leading Varieties

Selecting varieties and seed quality are two of the most important decisions a cotton producer will make each growing season.

  • Yield and fiber-quality potential are highly influenced by genetics and the ability of the seed to get off to a fast start after planting.
  • Varieties that exhibit less vigor at germination and emergence are more susceptible to yield-reducing stresses caused by cool temperatures, seedling diseases, inadequate moisture and pest pressure.