The Right Plant Population

At nearly 200 Answer Plot® locations, hybrids are carefully evaluated for their specific response to plant populations. The data from these evaluations are used to determine our response-to-population (RTP) scores, which are available from your WinField representative and through the R7® Tool.

Hybrid Population Comparison

Planting each hybrid at the right population is key to optimizing its performance potential. In this example, note the ear flex and decrease in root size and stalk diameter when the hybrid has a low response to population (RTP). With higher RTP characteristics and more fixed-ear hybrids, the hybrid with a high RTP maintains root diameter at higher plant densities.

Silking Under Stress

The greatest improvement in the newest genetics is the ability to silk under stress, even at high plant densities. Under irrigation, consider using a hybrid with a medium to high RTP score to optimize yields. Having water available through irrigation allows higher RTP products to perform at top levels.

Hybrid Performance At different Populations

CROPLAN® seed’s proprietary RTP ratings are indicated by a high, moderate or low response to population. A high (H) RTP score identifies a hybrid that shows a potential yield gain with increasing populations. A moderate (M) RTP score defines a hybrid as able to achieve high yields at moderately high populations, yet still maintain yield at moderately low populations. A low (L) RTP score indicates a flex-ear-type hybrid with acceptable yield potential, even at low populations for a particular area.