The Right Plant Nutrition

Set yield goals appropriately and feed plants to help achieve your highest yield goals. During the growing season, the NutriSolutions 360 system allows you to pinpoint your crop's nutritional needs and treat deficiencies before yield potential is compromised.

Nutrient Requirements for 150- to 500-Bushel Corn

The nutrient amounts needed to produce 150 to 500 bushels of corn per acre from a typical crop are listed to the right. Nutrient requirements to produce 40 tons of corn silage per acre are similar to those for 300 bushels of corn.

Response to Nitrogen

CROPLAN® seed’s proprietary response to nitrogen (RTN) ratings range from 1 to 9. A high RTN score (7 to 9) identifies a hybrid that has an increased chance of return on investment from additional nitrogen (N) inputs or managing N for later release or in-season N applications. A medium RTN score (4 to 6) defines a hybrid as able to achieve high yields at moderate to higher N levels, yet still maintain yield in situations where N may be less than optimal. A low RTN score (1 to 3) indicates a hybrid with an acceptable yield potential even in situations where N may be limited. The charts below show how hybrids perform differently under different nitrogen management levels.

Table illustrating corn varieties response to nitrogen

Response to Nitrogen / Response to Population Relationships: CHT-110

The relationship between RTN and RTP scores plays an important role in hybrid performance. This chart shows the correlation between hybrids that require incremental nitrogen when plant density is increased and hybrids where moderate to low yield response to nitrogen is observed with increased population.

graph of corn varieties response to population and response to nitrogen

Zinc Seed Treatment Promotes a Fast, Healthy Start

All CROPLAN® corn is treated with Advanced Coating® Zn seed treatment. By coating seeds with zinc, Advanced Coating® Zn promotes quick emergence, even in cool, wet conditions, and it helps establish strong, healthy stands.

In nearly 180 Answer Plot® Program test plots over three years, corn treated with Advanced Coating® Zn seed treatment:

  • Averaged an extra 2 bushels per acre, and
  • 33 percent of the plots averaged nearly 6 additional bushels per acre

While Advanced Coating® Zn seed treatment provides early-season benefits for corn growth, it should not replace existing zinc programs. Additional zinc should still be used in starter fertilizer applications to promote normal corn plant growth and development in zinc-deficient soils.

  • CROPLAN® corn seed has had Advanced Coating® Zn applied to it for the past 10 years.
  • Citri-Che® Zinc 10% and Ulta-Che® Zinc 9% should be added to starter fertilizer to improve zinc nutrition.
  • In-season plant demands should be supplemented with folia applications of MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® micronutrients to maximize zinc nutrition.
  • For four years, approximately 192,500 NutriSolutions® tissue samples were taken from corn and 75 percent of them were zinc deficient.

Ascend® Plant Growth Regulators

Ascend® plant growth regulators set up corn for success from the first stage of growth. These photos show the application of Ascend® PGR with 10-34-0 plus zinc in-furrow vs. seed treated with 10-34-0 plus zinc only.

Using Ascend® plant growth regulators in-furrow has translated into an average yield response of 4.9 bushels per acre over five years of Answer Plot® Program trials.

Image showing difference between corn treated with Ascend versus corn treated without Ascend