The Right Genetics

Planting a genetically diverse package of corn hybrids that includes a range of maturities can help reduce the risk of crop yield losses due to specific weather-related stresses. Your WinField representative can help you match the right genetics to your conditions for optimal yield potential in each field.

Breeding Technology advancements

Marker-assisted breeding can bring significant yield gains much more quickly than conventional breeding methods.New Croplan corn variety showing an increased 4.4 bushes per acre

4.4 bushel advantage
LSD (0.10) = 0.918
994 comparisons
68% average new genetics win over 3 years

Hybrid Characterization By Yield Environment

Not all yield environments are the same. The Corn Characterization Charts (CHT Tool) feature on the R7® Tool enables farmers to use data to compare seed from a variety of companies to make the right hybrid selection decisions for their specific yield environments.

These comparisons take into account soil type, crop rotation, plant population and management practices such as level of fertility and type of tillage. Because the hybrids have undergone numerous side-by-side comparisons, the data helps you select the right hybrids for your environment.