The Right Soil Type for Winter Canola

  • When selecting fields, try to avoid pH lower than 5.5, because lower pH hurts germination and winter survival.
  • Place lime on low-pH soil (less than 7.0) to maximize yield potential for winter canola. Lime changes the pH  structure in soil, making more nutrients available to the crop.
  • Some varieties, such as HyCLASS® 115W seed, have more tolerance to low-pH soils.
  • With highly productive soils or irrigation, HyCLASS® 125W seed or HyCLASS® 220W seed are great options.
  • HyCLASS® 220W seed and HyCLASS® 225W seed are broadly adapted across most soils.
  • Pick fields that are well-drained, because standing water is tough on young seedlings.