The Right Genetics

WinField continues to access global genetics for new opportunities to supply some of the most cutting-edge, broad-based canola genetics in the industry. 

WinField evaluates management techniques to help you choose the right population, cropping system and plant nutrition; the best winterhardiness; and the most appropriate canola-growing techniques (different row- spacing methods, for example).

WinField continues to make a significant investment in the winter canola Answer Plot®  Program by having eight locations in the 2015–2016 season.

The Right Traits

The CROPLAN® seed brand offers two herbicide-tolerant system choices to match your cropping plans.

Genuity® Roundup Ready

  • Clean and easy weed control
  • Strong on cheat, feral rye and other tough grasses
  • Optimal control with Class Act® NG® and InterLock® adjuvants
  • Excellent crop safety by using Roundup®  brand agricultural herbicide for in-crop applications

Genuity® Roundup Ready® plus Sulfonylurea Residual Tolerance (SURT®)

Allows canola to be planted in soil with residual sulfonylurea.

  • In field trials, SURT ®  (sulfonylurea residual tolerant) products have demonstrated the ability to be grown on fields where a long-residual sulfonylurea herbicide was applied on the previous wheat crop and would be detrimental to canola growth.
  • It is critical to review the crop protection history of previous wheat crops grown in fields being planted with canola.
  • Canola is susceptible to many broadleaf herbicides that have a long residual life. Sulfonylurea products such as Ally®, Glean®, Finesse®, Amber®  and others affect canola development at low carryover rates.