The Right Crop Protection

At the 1- to 2-leaf stage, canola has little ability to compete with weeds. However, at the 6-leaf stage, canola becomes an excellent competitor. Therefore, it’s important to spray weeds early. With the Genuity® Roundup Ready® system, two Roundup® applications can keep fields clean and provide high yield potential. Making the first application in the fall at the 2-leaf stage, followed by a spring application after weeds start actively growing, will control weeds this year and reduce the weed seed bank in the future. The spring application can control more weeds when done before the new canola growth blocks the Roundup® from reaching the newly emerging weed seedlings.

Insect Threats

It is important to scout fields for insect pressure. In the fall, look for diamondback moth larvae. (Be sure to look closely: They blend in well because their color is close to that of canola leaves.) In late winter until the crop reaches maturity, check for green peach aphids, turnip aphids and cabbage aphids. InterLock® adjuvant is recommended in these cases, because thorough coverage is critical. It is especially important to assess fields when canola breaks dormancy.

Diamondback moth and green peach aphids on canola plant causing damage