Genuity® Roundup Ready® Weed Control

Roundup Ready® Alfalfa provides alfalfa growers with more flexible management strategies.

A Spring Direct Seed
Use Roundup Ready® Alfalfa without cover crop. Not intended for highly erodible (HEL) soils. Spray when weeds are 3 to 4 inches tall. Harvest high-quality alfalfa in about 60 days.

B Spring Seed

B1. Use Roundup Ready® Alfalfa with oats as cover crop on HEL soils. Spray when weeds are 4 to 6 inches tall. Oats provide cover for alfalfa, which will grow and establish well in dead oats.

B2. Harvest oatlage as forage at boot stage, and then spray weeds/ oat regrowth. This is the ideal time to tank mix with insecticide and micronutrients. Harvest high-quality alfalfa in about 30 days.

C Direct Seed in Summer/Early Fall

Winter annuals and volunteer wheat can be easily controlled in fall with the Roundup Ready® system, with no risk of crop injury.

D Established Stands

Use Roundup Ready® Alfalfa to control weeds and increase forage yield and quality. Avoid weed problems in established alfalfa.

E Conventional Alfalfa 

Weed control options vary and are selective with or without cover crop. Check with your local WinField representative for proper product recommendation, application rates, timing and restrictions.


Contains glyphosate for nonselective control of grasses and broadleaves.

The ideal burn off product, because it can control emerged and not-yet germinated grass and broadleaf weeds, including Marestail. Dimetric® DF 75% herbicide can be used with liquid fertilizers, impregnated on dry bulk fertilizer and chemigated. It can also be tank mixed with other pesticides.

Provides highly effective weed control in alfalfa and a variety of other crops. Section® Three herbicide includes the active ingredient clethodim for control of annual and perennial grasses, including volunteer corn.